Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ultimate Hopelessness by Martin Wiles

“A man without anything to lose is a dangerous man.”

Words I heard recently from someone who was diagnosed several years prior with an incurable disease and whose wife of eighteen years had just informed him she didn’t love him anymore and possibly wanted a divorce. There appeared to be no ray of hope in his life.

Job doubtlessly felt the same. In the space of one day, his livestock and servants were destroyed, and a ferocious wind collapsed the house where his children were celebrating, killing them all. Additionally, he had contracted a terrible case of boils. No wonder he wrote: My days pass by without hope, pass faster than a weaver's shuttle (Job 7:6 GNT). Job’s wife encouraged him to take his life by cursing God (2:9).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 38,364 suicides in America in 2010, making it the tenth leading cause of death in the United States with one person taking their life every 13.7 minutes.

Even when my life circumstances have gone completely awry and my emotions are struggling with themselves to make good decisions, God still has a plan. One that will ultimately result in good for me and honor for his name.

Life is a gift from God, and he’s the one who should determine when it ends, not me. I’m made in his image and indwelt by his Spirit’s power. Nothing can come against me that I can’t endure with his strength. I’ve endured quite a few apparent hopeless situations in my own personal life and witnessed many others do the same, and I’ve discovered that Christ can give hope where there appears to be none. And he will.

Instead of looking at your circumstances, place hope in the One who controls them.

Prayer: When life caves in around us Heavenly Father, give us the courage to trust You and the faith to keep going, believing You will deliver us safely through.

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