Monday, September 16, 2013

Mothers, Step Up by Martin Wiles

Probably little more than a teenager, an angel informed her she would birth God’s Son.

Mary was engaged and now in a frightening situation. Would her future husband believe her story and marry her anyway? Would he have her arrested and stoned? Or would he just break the engagement? And how would she handle the town gossip?

To her credit, Mary stepped up to the plate and accepted God’s will. I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true (Luke 1:38 NLT).

God is looking for mothers who desire to live righteously and follow him. Mary was a virgin and special. Though young, she doubtlessly loved and served her Master. Otherwise, God would not have chosen her to bear his sinless Son. As with all believers, a mother’s body bears children but also houses the Spirit of the living God.

Mothers who step up to the plate are sensitive to God’s operation in their personal life and the world around them. Mary was aware of the Messianic promises and eager to accept God’s plan. When my wife and I were down to our last few gallons of gas and had no meat in the freezer, Mom was sensitive to our situation and stepped in with assistance.

Having a sense of humor is also a good motherly trait. Like Sarah, Mary may have secretly smiled when informed she would birth the Messiah. Sarah was past the age of childbearing; Mary was young and unmarried. God often works in comical ways, and no mother can adequately raise children without being able to laugh at herself, others, and her children.

Motherhood is a privilege. Show your appreciation to all mothers, and if you are one ask God to help you be the kind that would respond to his will as Mary did.

Prayer: Everliving God, thank You for the mothers You chose to birth us. May we honor them as we pray for them to honor You.

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