Friday, September 20, 2013

Angels All Around by Martin Wiles

She came when we least expected it, and only a few bags of items and a quiet knock revealed her presence.

My wife and I were enjoying a leisurely evening when a thump caught our attention. Thinking a picture had fallen or the cat had knocked something over, I reluctantly relinquished my comfortable chair to search for the culprit but found nothing out of order.

A few moments later, a knock at the door once again sent me from my evening repose. One of my students was selling coupon books. As I was making small talk with him, I suddenly noticed what our angel left—several bags of items lay on the ground in front of our car. Things we needed but had no money for: body wash, toilet paper, paper towels, sodas, and shampoo.

My wife eventually discovered our angel’s identity. It didn’t matter that she had earlier in the day mentioned to her that our funds were low and we’d soon have to resort to corn cobs and bar soap. Or that our friend couldn’t really fly. 

God has a way of sending angels just when we need them. And, in fact, they surround his children continuously. For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go (Psalm 91:11 NLT).

But angels aren’t always winged or supernatural. God promises to supply his children’s needs—and he can use angels to do it, but often those angels come clothed in the garb of human flesh and bones. God will use me as an angel as often as I’ll let him, but it requires a keen sense of spiritual perception on my part not to let those opportunities flutter by.

What are some ways God can use you as one of his angels?

Prayer: Thank You Father for sending angels—supernatural and human, to meet our needs.

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  1. I enjoyed your message today! We serve an awesome God. Blessing to you.