Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Remembering by Martin Wiles

While walking recently, I came upon an unusual sight that led to a flood of memories.

China Berry trees are uncommon in our area, so seeing one was quite surprising. The gentle leaves and placid bark brought back memories of lazy summer pre-teen days spent with my cousin. We wiled away the time hanging from their branches while watching the hogs in my grandfather’s pen mull around beneath us. And in our devilmented moments, we removed their limbs, shaved the bark, pointed the ends, and used our homemade spears to menace the hogs.

Memory is a powerful tool sadly taken from those who have endured accidents, incurred illnesses, or been unfortunate enough to be born with mental limitations. But in its healthy form, memory serves the human body in many facets.

God often called upon his people to remember. Remember that the LORD rescued you from the iron-smelting furnace of Egypt in order to make you his very own people and his special possession (Deuteronomy 4:20 NLT).

I enjoy remembering that I once was lost but now am found. I too once groveled in sin’s slavery, but the shed blood of Jesus on Calvary’s cross freed me.

I relish in the knowledge that God is continually present with me in the person of his Spirit. Regardless of what I’m facing, he is nearby to give me hope, courage, faith, wisdom, and trust.

I cherish recalling what Jesus said…that he was leaving to prepare a place for his children but that he would one day return to take them home. The troubles of this world won’t always be my daily lot. I’ll be free at last from sin, pain, suffering, evil, and all forms of sadness.

When life gets you down-or when you just need a daily boost, remember God’s promises.

Prayer: Thank You Sovereign Savior for the many promises we can claim as Your children.

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