Friday, October 12, 2012

Worthy Commitments: Be Pure by Martin Wiles

Series: Worthy Commitments

I knew I shouldn’t be there. Mom and Dad taught me better, but at the moment I was in teenage rebellious mode.

Some look back at their teenage years with pride and nostalgia; I look back with regret and shame. Regret that I failed to learn, that I skipped school every chance I had and that I daydreamed when I went. And shame over the poor decisions I made about other activities.

Drive-ins were popular in the 1970s-especially those showing X-rated movies. After all, America was in the middle of a sexual revolution. Even though I wasn’t of age, I agreed to go with some buddies who weren’t of age either. What I saw I enjoyed then but regretted later. The vulgar images embossed my young mind, and thirty-six years later I can still see them if I try.

Perhaps this is why David made a commitment to look away from anything corrupt. I will refuse to look at anything vile and vulgar (Psalm 101:3 NLT). While he wasn’t always successful, his intentions were honorable.

Eyes are windows to the soul. What I see makes an impression that arouses emotions. When the feelings are interpreted as positive, I follow with actions-moral or immoral. David’s were immoral, and so were mine. But the opposite can also be true. Looking at what’s clean results in the same kind of actions. Jesus said happiness comes from being pure in heart (i.e. mind, will and emotions).  If you’re glancing at the wrong things, it’s not too late to stop. God gives power to focus on what’s pure so we can think and act the same way. Where are your eyes roving that they shouldn’t?

Prayer: Father of purity and light, guide us to look at only what’s holy so our actions will honor You.

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