Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Things About The Male Mind by Martin Wiles

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My wife and I were eating with another couple when a tale of church “drama” arose. After hearing the story and the blown-out-of-proportion reactions, the other woman’s husband remarked; “Women are crazy. A man would have…”

Though the writer of Proverbs didn’t say it in so many words, he acknowledged we think, feel and act. For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). Since males and females think differently, our actions and reactions are different as well. While exceptions abound, the following are often true.

Men tend to decide based on logic and facts while women listen to feelings. Aunt Bee of The Andy Griffith Show was once selected for jury duty and then for a case of breaking and entering. All the other jurors (who were male) immediately pronounced the victim guilty. Aunt Bee didn’t agree. He seemed like such a nice man (feelings). And she was right.

Men are less concerned with appearance. My wife’s shoes must match her outfit and purse, which leads to a multitude of all three. Men are normally satisfied with two colors of shoes, and it doesn’t matter what color our wallet is. My grandfather’s philosophy was; “If you put it together, it goes together.”

Men are normally cut and dry with decisions while women like to talk about the ins and outs and possible solutions.

Closely connected to the above is the male tendency to retreat to his man-cave during stressful times while women want to talk things out. Failure to understand this difference can turn disagreements into arguments.

With members of the opposite sex, men gravitate toward appearance while women (though attracted by that too) are more interested in character. Relationships built solely on the first will never stand the trials relationships encounter.

God created us with the tendencies we have, but understanding each other’s differences makes our relationships more enjoyable and profitable.

Prayer: Thank You Father for making us wonderfully complex.

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