Children's Bible Studies


Jesus Shows the Way
Jesus Sets Us Free

God Helps Me
Show Others the Right Way
Make Hard Decisions
Stand up for Right
Follow Him

My Responsibility to My Family
Obeying My Parents
Honoring Those Who Have Authority
Loving My Brothers and Sisters
Loving My Brothers and Sister Part II

Who Is Jesus?
God's Son Born to Human Parents
God's Son Is Obedient
God's Son Pays for Our Sins

Trusting in God
Trusting God's Word
Trusting God's Plan
Trusting God's Provision
Trusting God's Deliverance
Trusting God's Power

God Is with Us
When There Is Conflict
When We Are Afraid
When He Gives Us Work to Do
When We Are Outnumbered
When There Is Danger
When We Die
When We Can't Help Ourselves
When We Are Obedient

(Fruits of the Spirit)
Jesus Loves and So Should We
Jesus Wants Us to Have Joy
Jesus Wants Us to Have Peace
Jesus Wants Us to Have Patience
Jesus Wants Us to Be Good and Kind
Jesus Wants Us to Be Faithful
Jesus Wants Us to Be Gentle
Jesus Wants Us to Have Self-Control

(Great Bible Stories)
Adam and Eve
Noah and the Flood
Abraham Leaving His Homeland
God's Promise to Joseph
Moses and the Red Sea
Joshua and Jericho
Gideon's Army
David and Goliath
David Is Chosen King
Jonah and the Big Fish
Daniel in the Lion's Den

(Special Occasions)
Mother's Day
July 4

(Jesus the Storyteller)
The Rich Man and Lazarus
Workers in the Vineyard
The Unforgiving Debtor
The Sower
The Persistent Widow and the Friend at Midnight
The Foolish Rich Man
The Mustard Seed and Yeast
The Pharisee and Tax Collector
The Good Samaritan
The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids
The Parable of the Prodigal Son 
The Parable of the Lost Coin and Sheep

(God's Creation)
Day One and Two
Day Three and Four
Day Five and Six
Day Seven

(The Believer's Armor)
God's Armor: Who Is Our Enemy?
The Believer's Armor: Belt and Breastplate
The Believer's Armor: Shoes and Shield
The Believer's Armor: Helmet and Sword

Celebrating the Feast
Things to Thank God For
Thanking When No One Else Does

Shepherds Visit Baby Jesus
Visit by the Wise Men
Jesus Is Born

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