Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Security In . . .

security in
So the total number of Israelite men counted in the census numbered 601,730. Numbers 26:51 NLT

Numbers don’t always provide security; sometimes it’s found in other things.

Our third grandson was what I classified as “high maintenance.” The first we could feed, rock to sleep, and place on the bed. He would stay there for hours. He was content to lie on the floor and entertain himself when awake. While the third loved to be fed and rocked to sleep also, lying on the bed by himself didn’t work. Occasionally, he would sleep for several hours, but it wasn’t the norm. Playing on a blanket on the floor didn’t interest him either.

My wife’s cure was, “I’m fixin' to swaddle him.” Then, she would place one of his blankets on the floor, nestle him in it, and tightly wrap his arms and legs. Once asleep, he would snooze for hours. Security.

Numbers is aptly named. In this particular instance, it’s about the number of men of military age. When the leaders finished the second census, they gave the number to Moses and Eleazar, who must have found great comfort in the results. More than 600,000 men would provide security as the people entered the Promised Land and faced their enemies.

While we often find security in numbers, it’s not sure. Security is one of our basic needs, so it’s essential to find it somewhere. Wrapping ourselves in a blanket or joining the military won’t necessarily provide it.

Merely telling others we find security in our relationship with Christ is somewhat shallow. It goes deeper than a flippant statement. Details are needed. What’s involved in the relationship is crucial for us to understand and others to hear.

Within the relationship is the knowledge God has accepted us into His family and that nothing can separate us from His love. He not only numbers us among his family but also among his friends. What He holds securely, no one can snatch. God actually enjoys hanging around with me.

Knowing God orchestrates the details of our lives and maneuvers them to form us into His Son’s image is also comforting.  Believing this helps me view life’s events—pleasant or not—through a different lens. Nothing happens randomly or by chance. Nor is it controlled by fate.

A relationship with God is the source of ultimate security. In what are you finding security?

Father, I praise You for the security I can find in my walk with You.  

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