Monday, May 22, 2023

Living in Beggar Mode - Martin Wiles

living in beggar mode
May you experience the love of Christ . . . . Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. Ephesians 3:19 NLT

She was a princess who became the wife of a beggar who turned out to be a king.

The princess’ father was a king and intended to marry her off to another king. But she was a stubborn child and wouldn’t consent to his wishes. Although he paraded three kings before her, she rejected each one. In a rage, her father said, “Then I’ll marry you off to the first beggar who comes along.” And he did. Perhaps living as a beggar’s wife would teach her a lesson.

The beggar was kind and pledged to love her, but when she refused to perform her wifely duties, he sent her to a king’s home to work as a servant. Perhaps this would teach her appreciation. It did. She soon realized what she had turned down in the other kings’ marriage proposals.

But this king was about to be married. She couldn’t leave until she helped carry off the wedding. Her heart raced when she was introduced to the king. He was her beggar husband. And her? She was a queen. She would live a full life after all.

The princess could never live in queen mode as long as she was living in beggar mode. Not until she realized she was the wife of a king could she even begin to experience everything that belonged to her.

As believers, we too can live in beggar mode. But if we do, we’ll miss out on so much that’s ours because of our relationship with Christ. Since we’re the bride of Christ, everything he has is ours. We’ll only enjoy it, however, when we fully comprehend his love.

God’s love is wide, long, high, and deep. It reaches out to the entire world and expands enough to cover any life experience. He has loved us in the past, loves us now, and will love us throughout eternity. When we celebrate what God does through us, he celebrates with us. But when we’re in the depths of discouragement and despair, he is there as well.

Don’t live life on a lower level than God intends. Live it to the fullest.

Prayer: Father, help us realize all we have in You so we might experience the fullness of our relationship with You.

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