Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Walk-on Wednesday - Remember the Leaders - Martin Wiles

Welcome to Walk-on Wednesday. By Hump Day, we are struggling, but we believe a good devotion can strengthen us to finish the week strong. 

Remember your leaders who taught you the word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives, and follow the example of their faith. Hebrews 13:7 NLT

At the time, he was my Sunday School teacher, and I was a teenager, experimenting with things I should have left alone.

I don’t remember the lesson, but I do recall what he said when referring to something I was involved in—acts he didn’t know I was a part of: “We need to pray for the person or persons who did this.” His words convicted me, and I eventually straightened up. I watched this same humble gentleman serve as chairman of the deacons, choir member, and committee member. He offered public prayers and always had encouraging words for others. He visited the sick at home and in the hospital and wasn’t paid for it. He lived a good long life and provided a superb example of leadership.

As the early missionaries traveled from region to region and town to town establishing churches, they installed elders in each one. They were to be people whose lives reflected obedience to God and an ongoing developing spiritual maturity. In addition, they were charged with the spiritual care of the congregation.

The saying, “It’s lonely at the top,” is often true for leaders—secular or spiritual. I’ve been there; I know. Friends can be few and far between because of our position. Employees or church members can reject us because of decisions that affect their lives. Backbiting can run rife. We may even have to ask for resignations.

Our responsibility is to pray for spiritual leaders and mentors. They need the type of direction and courage only God can give. They’ve been faithful to what God charged them, and we must faithfully make petitions for them. Rather than tearing them down, we need to build them up. We can hold them up as role models when they are the quality spiritual leaders they should be.

What can you do for those who are leading you?

Prayer: Father, thank You for those spiritual leaders You place in our paths. Prompt us to pray for them that they might find the spiritual strength and wisdom they need. 

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  1. Having served on staff at three different churches, I understand the serious need to pray for our church leaders. Many times, church leaders have a thankless job and are forgotten until something goes wrong. Then all eyes are on those very same church leaders that no one prayed for.