Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Walk-on Wednesday - Bringing Down the Walls - Martin Wiles

Welcome to Walk-on Wednesday. By Hump Day, we are struggling, but we believe a good devotion can strengthen us to finish the week strong. 

It was by faith that the people of Israel marched around Jericho for seven days, and the walls came crashing down. Hebrews 11:30 NLT

Jerry and his wife Ashton built a wall.

When they married, Ashton brought to the marriage an unfortunate habit: meth. Jerry had never delved into the drug world before, but having a wife who used made it easy. Before long, he was using as heavily as she was. Over the years, two children were born—both with mild disorders due to their mother’s drug use. Neither Jerry nor Ashton could hold a job yet always needed money for the next fix. Local child management authorities were notified, and their children were removed from the home and placed with a grandmother. This seemed to be their wake-up call. They cleaned up, found steady jobs, and for a while did well. But the old calling haunted them, and they eventually gave in. Their children were taken again. Jerry found himself in jail, accused of assault and battery, kidnapping, and possession of meth. The wall in their life was steep and solid.

Jericho was the first city the Israelites needed to conquer when they entered the Promised Land. The city’s walls were high and solid and prevented the Israelites from experiencing victory. God told them the method they were to use to see them fall. His technique seemed senseless, but they followed it by faith and enjoyed a great triumph.

Walls come in a host of varieties: drugs, fear, worry and anxiety, rebellion, addictions, unhealthy relationships, procrastination, unbelief, financial bondage, and illegal activities. Most, if not all, of my walls, have been built by me and not imposed by someone else. Either way, walls prevent me from moving forward in my personal life and can also stymie my spiritual walk.

Faith is required to destroy walls—faith to do what God instructs us to do so we can experience victory. Others may see the symptoms of our walls, but only we can accurately diagnose the root cause. Whatever it is, God will help us bring it down if we only ask and trust.

What walls need to come down in your life?

Prayer: Father, give us the power to bring down the walls that prevent us from being all You desire. 

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  1. Walls can be strong and hard to bring down. The only way is with God’s help! Excellent devotion!