Wednesday, June 10, 2020

When the News Is Bad - Martin Wiles

Yes, you came when I called; you told me, “Do not fear.” Lamentations 3:57 NLT

“Well, it looks as if we’re going to move in another direction.”

I anticipated the call, but not what I heard. The part-time position would have brought the extra income my wife and I needed since she wasn’t able to work.

When the caller told me the reason for the decision, I was even more disappointed. A couple of people on the decision-making committee couldn’t get past one item on my resume. Something no one outside of a church cares about, something few in a church would care about, and something God doesn’t care about at all. But, rather than sow any seeds of discord within the church, they decided to go in another direction.

More bad news had preceded this news. Our freezer, which we had purchased used only one year before, had quit. And it wasn’t empty. My wife had just stocked it with veggies, chili, vegetable soup, and meat—all of which ruined before we knew the freezer had died.

And that bad news had been preceded by more disturbing news: my wife had fallen over one of the grandboy’s toys. Fortunately, she didn’t break anything, but the bruises and soreness testified to her injuries.

I could identify with Jeremiah. His people hated him, tortured him, and made plans to kill him—all because he told them God would bring punishment for their disobedience. Now, he lamented over what was happening to his beloved city, Jerusalem. Amid the bad news, he called out to God who told him not to fear.

When the news is bad, I have several choices, none of which are good: get angry, get anxious, or get frustrated. If I choose anger, I’ll probably direct it toward God, since He’s in charge of the circumstances. Choosing anxiety sets me up for physical and emotional problems. If I select frustration, I’ll live each day with a sour attitude, and no one will want to associate with me.

The better choice is simply to cry out to God. He will tell me the same thing as He told Jeremiah: “Don’t fear.” He’s got this, whatever the this is. And He has it repeatedly because bad news has a habit of coming around many times during a life journey.

Through the consequences of the bad news, God will stretch and grow our faith. We’ll learn to depend on the only thing that’s dependable: His love.

Don’t let the bad news get you down. Hear God’s command: “Don’t fear.”

Prayer: Father, when the bad news comes, remind us You are in charge.

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  1. When bad news hits, I pray my first reaction will be to go to Him in prayer. I don't always rely on Him first, but I am working on that. :-) I am thankful for God's patience with me.