Friday, April 24, 2020

Flashback Friday - What Is Your Plan for My Life? - Martin Wiles

What is Your Plan for My Life?

Series: Hey God…I Have a Question

At the age of nineteen, he contracted smallpox but survived. His father died when he was eleven. While on a surveying trip, his straw bedding caught fire as he slept. Fortunately, a fellow surveyor doused the blaze. He was chosen as major and district adjutant of Virginia’s colonial troops at the age of twenty-one and commissioned to deliver an ultimatum to a French commander—a duty that entailed a hazardous, wintertime, wilderness trip.

By the age of twenty-three, George Washington had survived fire, smallpox, Indian ambushes, and battles with the French. Many attributed his achievements and survival to God’s providence. Reverend Samuel Davis, a prominent Presbyterian minister, said, “I may point out to the public that heroic youth, Colonel Washington, whom I cannot but hope Providence has hitherto preserved in so signal a manner for some important service to his country.” Read more...

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