Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Throwback Tuesday - Suffering Patiently - Martin Wiles

Suffering Patiently

She suffers patiently. I’m not sure I could under her circumstances.

Though a relatively young woman, my wife suffers from numerous health issues. Fibromyalgia makes each day painful. Several hernia surgeries prevent her from doing heavy lifting. Asthma makes exercising outside nearly impossible. The “ritis” brothers…degenerative and osteo, make moving on any given day a new experience in pain. In spite of medication, the pain remains intense which in turn can affect her emotional moods. Yet I’m continually amazed at how patiently she suffers. She refuses to allow the pain to master her and even does things she knows will intensify her pain…things she perceives are associated with being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Read more...

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