Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Throwback Tuesday - What Pushes Your Buttons? - Martin Wiles

What Pushes Your Buttons?

Friday night. Bi-Lo grocery store. My wife and I stopped in for a few groceries. Three open registers awaited us when we were ready to check out. One was express. We had too many items. We knew the reaction we’d get from others and the cashier if we tried to sneak by the warning sign. The line we chose had two shoppers ahead of us. “This will be a quick exit,” we thought. Not so. 

The first shopper had insufficient funds. I had already placed our items on the belt when the cashier looked at me and whispered, “This might take a while.” I scooped up our items, placed them in our buggy, and directed my wife to the only other open lane. Only one shopper. It appeared a good decision. But we were now behind Cathy the coupon shopper. Nothing wrong with saving money, but my impatience was bleeding through…until God reminded me what I’d recently taught my Sunday School class. Events in and of themselves don’t produce unpleasant emotional reactions. Rather, it’s what I think about the events. Read more...

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