Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Throwback Tuesday - God Can Handle Complaints - Martin Wiles

God Can Handle Complaints

God gives us permission to tell him exactly how we feel.

“God, I just don’t understand. We give our tithes and offerings, we attend church regularly, we use our gifts in your church, we share your love with others. We do all the good things a Christian should, but we never seem to get ahead.”

My wife has made some or all of these statements at one time or another. If I haven’t said them, I’ve at least thought them. Having taken on another part-time job, I hoped we’d finally get our heads above water. My wife did too. That was before she discovered she had inadvertently entered a bank deposit twice. Now there wasn’t enough to cover the rent check, and we were almost one hundred dollars in the red. So we complained to God. Read more...

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