Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Throwback Tuesday - Better Left Unsaid - Martin Wiles

Better Left Unsaid

Just because it can be said doesn’t mean it should be.

They come in various shapes and sizes. Some appear overly wide with large lips and teeth to match. Others seem so small as to make one wonder whether they’re capable of functioning at all. Some are attached to flawless faces while others are implanted on faces scarred with physical disfigurements. Regardless of the shape or size or what type of face they’re connected to, all mouths have the ability to do the same thing: speak. And therein lies the dilemma. For while they can be used for much good, they’re often used for the opposite. 

Gene Hackman, in the movie Mississippi Burning, said to his boss, “You don't know when to speak and when to shut up! That makes you a fool!” Read more...

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