Saturday, June 29, 2019

Higher Ways - Martin Wiles

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” Isaiah 55:8 NLT

“Joey’s not dead.”

When the grandkids are present—which is almost daily—conversations around the supper table ebb and flow. This particular time, our daughter told of a recent weekend when she introduced her oldest son to her boyfriend’s brother whose name is Joey.

“Levi, this is Chris’s brother Joey,” she said.

“From "Friends"?” Levi asked.

"Friends" is not only my daughter’s favorite program but also both of her sons because they watch it every night as they fall asleep. In fact, the television stays on all night and runs episode after episode.

“Joey died laughing,” our daughter concluded.

That’s when the oldest grandson assumed Joey had died. A perfect example of how easy we can misunderstand something someone says. The reason also why I teach my Language Art students to avoid clich├ęs when writing. They may know what they mean, but others from a different region of their country—or from another country entirely—may not.

And then there’s God ways. Like my grandson, I have misunderstood something God said in His Word or not comprehended how He works in my life. That’s because His ways surpass mine and His thoughts often escape my grasp.

Knowing God’s ways and thoughts are beyond complete understanding isn’t an excuse for me not to trust Him as He works in my life. I walk by faith, not sight—and by trust, not total comprehension. My entire journey with God requires faith. If I had to possess complete understanding, I would have given up on God years ago.

God is God. And while I can recognize much of how He works, I’ll never comprehend the entirety of His plan. I can know He has a purpose in what He allows into my life. His plan includes my spiritual growth, as well as equipping me for the work He gives me to accomplish. Having the skills to complete that plan often requires preparation—and the way He chooses to prepare me is what I often don’t fathom. That’s where faith kicks in.

God’s ways are higher than yours, but He will reveal them in such a way that you can understand enough to obey and enjoy abundant living. 

Ask God for understanding so you can move forward.

Prayer: Father, help us to know Your mind so we can do Your will.

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