Thursday, June 6, 2019

Author Interview with Esther Jacob

Love Lines from God welcomes author, Esther Jacob, to our website today. 

Esther, when did you decide to become a writer? 

My writing began when I received a prophecy in 2013 that I would minister to women. I then decided to create an online blog in September 2014. 

I used my experiences of rejection from jobs to inspire and motivate me to buy a camera for my YouTube channel, Esther N J., and also to publish my first book, It’s Time to Heal. The struggle with my job situation caused me to write, and since then it has become a strong hobby of mine.  

Every writer is eventually asked this question, but where do your ideas come from? 

My ideas come from God, my personal experiences, and also my environment. God—meaning His Word, my prayer life, sermons, and gospel music—inspires me to grasp many ideas. My personal experiences are what cause me to become transparent and selfless to remind people that their pain is for a purpose and that they don’t have to worry. If I can get through it, other people can too. What I wasn’t able to achieve at a set time is what gives me ideas on what to write about. When I feel weak and low, I gain ideas on what to talk about. 

Why do you write what you do?

I write what I do because of purpose. That is my keyword right now. I don’t write for people to applaud—but to be inspired, transformed, healed, changed and set free. 

I also write what I do because we are all relatable beings. What I went through or currently am going through will resonate with another person. We all want to feel understood, loved, and cared for These are my strong focus points when it comes to writing. I want readers to understand that when I write they relate to me and can have a tangible and real experience they may not necessarily get from the world. 

We live in a world that is full of so much fa├žade that there isn’t much honesty and selflessness in how we feel. I want to be able to break the cycle of pretending everything is okay. It is okay not to be okay and have everything together. 

What is the hardest thing about the creative process of writing? 

It can feel quite repetitive, but I stand on consistency and being able to inspire people through my writing. When I write, I want to impart several words in the mind of the reader: focus, strength, power, confidence, and faith. They align together and have a lot to do with being creative, yet it can be challenging if the messages of my books are relatively the same. 

However, I turn it around as a strength because I want it not only to be relatable but also to be heartfelt. If my mind can’t think straight, or is having negative doubts, this is a stumbling block for writing.

What are the challenges you believe Christian writers face now and in the future? 

The key challenges I face in writing is relating to the world, but not being like the world. It is being able to understand the way the world thinks, but not being influenced by their practices. 

A customer once picked up my book and asked, “Is this a Christian-related book?” I replied, “Yes, it is.” I was positive about it and told the customer that there are words written in this book that could relate to their circumstance. Because the customer wasn’t a Christian, they did not buy it. 

I believe there are a time and season for everything under the sun. At the time, the customer thought it wasn’t time to read a Christian book, but I chose to stay true to myself. 

When most people talk to me, they do sense I am a Christian, not just by my words but also through my deeds. It won’t always be easy, especially when trying to promote or target schools, social events, and clubs, but we should be willing to persevere regardless.  

Tell us the hardest thing about writing your last book. How long does it typically take you to finish your books?

The hardest thing about writing my latest book (From Glory to Glory) related to the death of my sister in May 2018. I finished this book in four months. I wanted the book cover to be perfect, so I had to wait a while until it was sorted. 

I can’t say the book was hard to write, but writing it in a way that the reader would be able to understand and relate to was challenging. Death is not a topic which is popular, but it has caused me to wake up and realize that tomorrow is not promised. 

On average, depending on how much research, experience, personal struggle, and inspiration I gain, book writing can typically take between eight and twelve months. 

Name your three biggest frustrations about the writing business.

First, not having a solid team to work and share ideas with. Second, the book can be quite long, especially if ideas don’t run through consistently. Finally, the pressure of trying to keep up with the latest trends and relate them to potential readers.

On the flip side, what excites you the most about the creative process?

Being able to see real change in the life of the reader excites me and makes me keep writing. Amazon reviews also inspire me because I may not get a chance to meet my readers face to face. The feedback humbles me and reminds me that my purpose is still not yet completed. 

What are you reading at the moment, and who are a few of your favorite authors and why?

I am currently reading Patricia Bright’s new book, Heart & Hustle. My favorite authors include TD Jakes, Devon Franklin, Priscilla Shirer, Michelle Obama, and Robert Kiyosaki. 

Would you mind giving the readers the buy links for your books? 

It’s Time to Heal –, Completion –, From Glory to Glory – 

What are your social media links? 

Facebook: Women’s Worth Conference
Instagram: authenticworth
Facebook: Authentic Worth
Personal Facebook: Esther Jacob
Personal Instagram: esthernjacob
Twitter: @esthernjacob
YouTube: Esther N J
LinkedIn: Esther Jacob 

Esther Jacob has a strong passion for young men and women’s mental health. She manages events and workshops, sharing her story to inspire and influence the upcoming generation. In a world where identity is based on societal standards or what one has achieved, she reassures everyone they have a unique gift that shouldn’t be compromised despite their current circumstances. 

Using her life experiences, Esther shares stories of how her faith strengthened during the third year of her university studies. She has had several interviews with different podcasters, including Premier Gospel Radio, Christian Devotion Speak Up! Podcast, The Authors Podcast, Keeping It Real Radio, and Power Xtra Radio. 

Esther has been invited to the Barclays Wealth Management to talk about the vision of Authentic Worth and has spoken at the University (of Kent) at the Kent Africa Summit. She has had two years of property management experience and is knowledgeable in fashion. 

Esther is looking to support new and aspiring authors in writing their first book, providing them a platform to share their story and turn it into purpose. Her hobbies include traveling, writing, singing, and serving the wider community. 


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  2. Great interview. I plan to read her books.