Saturday, May 4, 2019

Flashback Friday (on Saturday) - Growing Up Isn't Easy - Martin Wiles

Growing Up Isn’t Easy

The path is littered with spurts, setbacks, and tests, but eventually success is achieved. 

Whoever said growing up was easy? I watched the challenges with my own children and am now standing by as my grandson begins to make his way toward adulthood. Along the way, he has learned to feed himself if we provide the food. (Or if we don’t quick enough, he becomes ingenious and acquires it from the cat or dog’s bowl.) He lets us know when his diaper needs changing. And he’s now discovered that crawling isn’t the only way to get around. He can use his legs to walk. In his short journey thus far, he’s encountered bumps, bruises, falls, and scratches. All part of his growing pains. Read more...

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