Thursday, November 1, 2018

Forward and Backward - Martin Wiles

And the one who sent me is with me—he has not deserted me. For I always do what pleases him. John 8:29 NLT
My life had flowed like the water I observed: up and down, back and forth.
Two couples and my wife and I were on a three-day getaway in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. A southern gospel fest in nearby Gatlinburg was our main reason for coming, but at the moment we rested after a tiring day of shopping and driving.
A favorite place for tourists is The Island. Rocking chairs and stores surround a water palace and are almost always filled with people watching the water dance. We had joined their ranks. As I watched, I pondered how my life mimicked the water. Large and numerous spouts of water leaped into the air with great force, only to fall back to the surface with the same speed and intensity seconds later.
The patterns also changed from straight to wide circumferences. As the water danced for the onlookers, it changed colors. Between the force, the width, and the color, I saw myself on life’s journey doing the same.
Jesus wasn’t as fickle as I. He knew His Father accompanied Him, and He always did His Father’s will. I couldn’t say the same. My life had been filled with fits and falters, stops and starts, obedience and disobedience, full commitment and half commitment. But I’m not alone. In my association with many Christians, I’ve found they share the same struggle.
My struggle is sometimes brought on by tiredness. Too much to do on any given day. I’m a “yes” man and have a difficult time saying no when asked to do something. My plate fills quickly—all with good stuff, but just too much of it. When I’m exhausted, it’s easier for Satan to plunge my forceful water spout back down to a small trickle.
When I’m sidetracked, my water spout also loses power. The things that sidetrack me might be honorable, but I can’t do everything. Busyness can rob me of happiness, making what was once enjoyable tasks unenjoyable.
The waterspouts we watched did not continually show the same force, pattern, or color—but they did demonstrate consistency like Jesus. God doesn’t expect me to burn out serving Him. He simply wants me to be consistent, joyful, and obedient.
Someone controlled the water show we enjoyed. When you let God have full control of your life, it too will move forward with consistency.

Prayer: Father, we ask You to move us forward with steadiness in our service to You. 

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