Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Throwback Tuesday - The Whiner’s Corner - Martin Wiles

The Whiner’s Corner

“Could I really be a 1,” I wondered. And not because number one was actually number one in this scenario. I wanted to be a three. 

I sat in the webinar listening to the speaker describe teachers. One’s, two’s, and three’s. We were categorized. The question was which one. And more importantly, which one did I huddle in. “Three’s,” he said, “rarely whine.” They take each day in stride, love the boss, get along with peers, love students, and embrace change with a smile. Two’s do all of those things most of the time. But the one’s? They do them rarely. They’d rather whine…and complain. All of a sudden, I felt guilty. I wasn’t a one, but some days I didn’t feel like a three either. Read more...

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