Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Throwback Tuesday - Contentment's Secret - Martin Wiles

Contentment’s Secret

Paul Stutzman met Pathfinder (his trail name) at The Mill Restaurant. He was a celebrity of sorts and a repeat offender on the Appalachian Trail.

Before beginning his thru-hike of the AT, Stutzman followed the travels of Pathfinder. He always wished their paths would cross, and now they had. But Pathfinder was a kindred spirit in more ways than one. When Stutzman questioned why he continually hiked the AT year after year, his answer stunned him: “Well, Apostle (his trail name), my wife died of cancer about five years ago.”

Now Apostle understood.  He too had lost a wife to cancer, had walked away from his employment, and was now thru-hiking for the same reason. Pathfinder continued, “If I’d kept my business and not done that hike, I’d be a rich man today. Instead, I’m happy.” Read more...

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