Saturday, June 24, 2017

Flying Low - Martin Wiles

But the LORD came down to look at the city and the tower the people were building. Genesis 11:5 NLT

They popped over the tree tops and whizzed along the nape of the field. 

When I was a young lad, crop dusters were common where flat farmland was. Fields were planted with cotton, corn, and soybeans. Laws preventing certain chemicals—that we now know cause cancer and other diseases, had not been passed. So farmers and crop dusters spread cotton poison to protect their crops.
Visiting my grandfather’s farm and sitting on the front porch—watching planes crop dust the neighboring fields, was one of my favorite activities.

From out of nowhere, the plane would appear at tree top level, drop to just above the cotton, drop its load, and then pull up just before reaching power lines, homes, or trees. Enduring the stench of the cotton poison was almost more than I could bear, but it was worth it to see this acrobat’s antics. 

There was a time long ago when God came low. When a number of people got together and decided they would build the Tower of Babel. Seemingly an innocent task…until you read the rest of the story. Doing so was about selfishness and pagan worship. God dropped a load on them. Not poison but the confusion of their languages and thus the end of their project. 

A few thousand years later, God came low again. This time when He allowed His Son to take on human flesh and die for humanity’s sins. But He didn’t stop with that. After Jesus ascended back into heaven, God sent His Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, and the church was born. The psalmist had it right when he said God delights in every detail of their lives (Psalm 37:23).

As I delighted in watching the crop dusters fly low, so I enjoy knowing God flies low into my life’s experiences. And not only mine, but everyone’s who will call on Him. He’s never too busy, nor is He ever unconcerned. 

What concerns me—no matter how insignificant, concerns my Creator. 

He has the ability to come down for my needs and everyone else’s at the same time. I don’t have to take a number or wait in line. My God flies so low I can reach up and touch His grace, mercy, and assistance at any time I choose.

Let God fly low into every detail of your life. 

Prayer: Father, give us faith to reach out for You in every circumstance of our life, knowing You are as low as the stretch of our fingertips. 

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