Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wanting What I Want . . . Now - Martin Wiles

Let true justice prevail, so you may live and occupy the land that the LORD your God is giving you. Deuteronomy 16:20 NLT

I sat in my recliner and watched injustice raise its ugly head.

Six balls of various sizes floated around our den. More than enough for each of our three grandboys to have more than one. But they wanted the same one. Our youngest grandson played with one, minding his own business. The middle grandson wasn’t satisfied that he had five more to choose from. He wanted the one his cousin had. So he snatched it. Our youngest grandson crawled over and retrieved another ball, only to have his cousin snatch that one. 

In the midst of this greedy drama, the oldest grandson decided he wanted the same ball his younger brother and cousin were playing with. So he snatched it from his brother who in turn screamed bloody murder. I figured it was time for me to intervene and them a lesson on sharing. 

Keeping our three small grandchildren in our home six days a week provides many life lessons. One, in particular, has to do with greed. I’ve noticed I don’t have to teach them to be greedy; it comes with the human territory. Rather, I have to spend my time teaching them to share and be kind. 

God warned the nation of Israel to appoint judges who would see that justice prevailed. If they didn’t, the harmony of the nation would be affected and so would their relationship with their neighbors. 

Greed gives evidence of a selfish spirit, and without God’s help, it will—like the jealousy monster, gobble me up. 

Life is more pleasant when it’s all about me, but God never designed anyone’s life to be just about them. His order is Him first and others second. My selfish desires come farther down the list. When they are near the top, it lets me know I have misplaced priorities.

Only God can birth an unselfish spirit in my life. 

Just as I have to instill that in my grandchildren through disciplinary and other teaching methods, so God has to do the same for me. But I must give Him the free reign to do so. Bucking His efforts keeps me from learning the lessons He wants to teach me about how wonderful an unselfish lifestyle can be. 

Instead of holding on to greed, let God teach you the joys of unselfishness. 

Prayer: Father, guide us to follow Your unselfish example of giving Your all to us. 

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