Saturday, March 11, 2017

Submitting to the Potter - Martin Wiles

When a potter makes jars out of clay, doesn’t he have a right to use the same lump of clay to make one jar for decoration and another to throw garbage into? Romans 9:21 NLT

He was a restless individual, rarely staying at one place of employment very long. 

My uncle in his younger years changed jobs numerous times. I always wondered why he never stayed at one place very long. When I asked my grandparents, his in-laws, they had no answer either. I assumed he didn’t like anyone telling him what to do. 

My uncle finally solved whatever the issue was. If working for someone else was the problem, he resolved it by purchasing a feed and seed store. Until he and my aunt retired, they worked tirelessly and made a good living for themselves in the process.

Evidently, the apostle Paul encountered some who were struggling with God’s control over them. He compares God to a potter and then reminds them of the similarities. As the potter has control over what he makes—having the ability to destroy the item and start over, so God has authority over His creation. 

We may think we’re doing our own thing—and we do have free will, but our own thing stops where God’s sovereignty begins. 

Like my uncle, at times, I too have bucked other’s control over me. I attribute my resistance to a Type A personality which makes me love being in control, setting the rules, and not having to answer to anyone. The trouble is, everyone has to answer to someone. Even though my uncle owned his own business and established his own rules, he was still accountable to the Internal Revenue Service and also had to abide by town and state ordinances. 

God is my Potter. What makes this comforting is knowing that the person who controls me is not mean, angry, or unloving. He is a loving heavenly Father who has a wonderful plan for the lives of His creations. 

When we submit to God's plan, He will lovingly guide us to His desired end for us. When we mess up, either He has an alternate plan or the ability to reconstruct the mess we’ve made. He formed me in love initially, and He will continue to form me the same way throughout my lifetime. But I must submit to His sovereign control. 

Submit to the Potter’s control and be amazed by what He’ll do. 

Prayer: Father, we give our lives to You and ask You to accomplish Your will. 

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