Monday, February 20, 2017

Little Things Matter - Martin Wiles

If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. Luke 16:10 NLT

His absence almost caused a catastrophe in the coffee café room.

I never paid much attention to what Bill did—until he was absent one Sunday. Noticing that he wasn’t there at his normal time, I plugged the coffee machines in, thinking he was running behind. When it became evident he wasn’t coming, another gentleman and I hurriedly prepared the coffee, only to have the first pot turn out cold, weak, and full of grounds. 

That night after the evening services, I made my rounds to lock the buildings. When I came to the coffee room, I noticed both pots were still on—one hosting a carafe with baked coffee. 

Those who visit our coffee café room probably take what Bill does for granted as I did. His absence reminded us how important the little things are. Jesus thought so too and taught one’s faithfulness in doing small things would lead to greater responsibilities. 

Greatness is normally measured by our titles, by how much we’ve accomplished, or by how many people we manage. Not so in Jesus’ economy. He’s more concerned about our attitudes and motives—the why’s behind what we do. If done for the wrong reasons or with ulterior motives, the doing doesn’t count—at least not in His eyes. 

By our definition of greatness, quantity is important. Jesus considers quality. Whatever He gives me to do, He wants me to do it well—even if it’s no more than making the morning coffee at church. Doing the little things also fosters humility—a trait highly praised by God. 

A lot of people doing a multitude of little things is what makes God’s Kingdom advance. We may hear more about the larger churches or the more influential movers and shakers, but the no-names who work faithfully at their respective churches and in their communities make large impacts for Christ. 

Be faithful in whatever God gives you to do—even if it appears to be a small task. 

Prayer: Father, thank You for Your faithfulness to us. May we be just as faithful to You.

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