Thursday, February 2, 2017

Energized - Martin Wiles

For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need. Philippians 4:13 NLT

He needed energy, but I had nothing for him.

I had watched Henry’s gait since he entered the building. His appearance was the usual appearance of most students when they first arrive at school: not enough sleep, a late ball game, staying up beyond curfew. 

With unkempt hair, sluggish steps, and a blank stare, Henry fell into this category, but on this particular day looked more drained than usual. As Henry approached my class later in the day, his first words were, “Can I call my mom and see if she will bring me an energy drink?” Without something, he was sure to fall asleep in class. 

These days, as age begins to take its toll on my body, I sometimes feel like Henry: I need energy. I can’t do the things I once did—at least not at the same speed. Bones ache and joints creak. Though I eat healthy—at least most of the time—exercise, and take daily vitamins, I simply am not the man I once was.

Paul seemed energized. He proudly stated he could do anything—and he wasn’t such a young man when he said it. But his energy didn’t ensue from an energy drink, exercise, vitamins, or any particular food. His energy came from God. 

Even when my physical energy wanes, God will continue to give me the spiritual energy I need to continue doing His work. I hope one day to retire from my profession, but I never intend to retire from God’s work. What I do for Him might change, but He will energize me to do something until I take my final breath. 

The power Paul had—and the power available to all believers, comes from the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. 

God’s Spirit takes up residence when faith is placed in Jesus Christ, but the power comes through being filled with the Spirit, which is not automatic. I must crave for God’s Spirit to consume me. I do this by allowing my body to be a holy temple and by confessing to God that I desire to be all I can for Him. Staying in His Word, in prayer, in service, and in fellowship with other believers proves I’m serious about the request. 

Let God’s Spirit energize you for the work God has called you to. 

Prayer: Father, we ask that You energize us with Your Spirit so that we might do the work You’ve called us to accomplish.

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