Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dependable God - Martin Wiles

I am the Lord, and I do not change. Malachi 3:6 NLT

I was as dependable as the newspaper I delivered. 

Among the several jobs I had as a teenager, delivering newspapers was one. Since I delivered the state paper, my customers were widely separated, requiring me to get up early to complete my route. 

Fortunately, I was a responsible teenager. I set my alarm clock for 2 am, dressed, and headed for an abandoned gas station where I picked up and assembled my papers. From here, I drove several miles to my first stop. Though I didn’t have hundreds of customers, my route required around two hours to complete, giving me about an hour to sleep before I had to get back up for school. 

Many mornings I would ask Mom, “Did I run my paper route?” Regardless of how I felt or of how the weather was, I delivered my papers. 

Pagan gods were often fickle. Undependable. Maybe they would grant a bountiful crop—or perhaps sit back and watch the humans sweat and then send a terrible storm or dry spell that would completely wipe out any potential crop. Or so those who worshiped them thought. In contrast, the one true God the nation of Israel worshiped was different. He was consistent…dependable.  

God is dependable in delivering salvation. Not only does He tell what is wrong with humanity but He also promises a solution. I am sinful, and if not delivered from my sins, I’ll pay eternally for them. On the other hand, I can simply accept what God has done on my behalf by believing in Jesus Christ. When I do, God promises to deliver salvation—and He does every time and to every person who seeks it. 

Love is another of God’s dependable traits. He loves unconditionally. Regardless of how I treat Him, He will love me. His love won’t overlook my transgressions should I choose not to repent, but He will continue to love even when He expresses it through His holy wrath. 

God’s guidance is also dependable. I can rely on Him to provide direction no matter what my circumstances are. God enjoys helping those He has created and loves. He has my best interests at heart and will willingly guide me into a bright future when I chose to follow His plan. 

Are you leaning on a God who is dependable or trusting in other things that will disappoint you?

Prayer: Father, when all else fails us, we are confident that You never will.

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