Thursday, December 29, 2016

God of Mystery - Martin Wiles

“My thoughts are completely different from yours,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” Isaiah 55:8 NLT

For several seasons, my wife and I have watched a mystery that defies solving.

Few television shows have tantalized me so much that I would stop what I was doing to watch them. “Black List” is one. What drew my wife to it, I’m not quite sure, but as I sat and read while she watched the show, I, too, was mysteriously drawn to the main characters and the show’s mysterious nature. One of the characters—Raymond Reddington, is a criminal—albeit one who assists the other main character—a crime investigator, Elizabeth Keen. The reason he helps is because of a mysterious connection with her—one that is never revealed. 

God defies solving as well. Scientists propose hypotheses. Through experimentation, the hypotheses are tested. When a particular result occurs, a theory is proposed. If the same result repeats itself, it is proclaimed a fact. God doesn’t follow scientific procedures. At the moment I think I’ve figured Him out, He’ll surprise me. He is a mystery, yet a mystery I can live with. 

Having a relationship with God entails the admission that I can’t figure Him out. Mysteries in life, I enjoy solving. A favorite board game of mine when I was younger was Clue. Through a process of elimination, someone playing the game determined who the criminal was, what room the crime took place in, and what weapon was used in the act. God doesn’t play by the normal rules.

In spite of all I may not be able to figure out about God, there are some things I can know about Him—things that are predictable. The ways He shows me love may change or surprise me, but the fact that He loves me will not. Loving is His nature. 

How God delivers me from or through trouble may vary, but deliver me He will. What temptations He allows me to face—and how long He allows them to endure, will be different, but He always provides the way of escape as well as the strength to endure the temptation. 

Trials of different shapes and sizes will come, but God will consistently deliver me through each one. While God is mysterious in many ways, He is forever consistent in the expressions of His love. 

Are you loving and trusting this God of mystery?

Prayer: Father, among the many mysteries that surround You, we thank You that we can depend on the consistency of Your love, grace, and mercy.

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