Saturday, November 19, 2016

Proving Faith - Martin Wiles

God publicly endorsed Jesus of Nazareth by doing wonderful miracles, wonders, and signs through him, as you well know. Acts 2:22 NLT

Relationships involve a proving factor. 

When I began dating my wife, I had to prove I loved her. Though I loved her from the very beginning, saying that wasn’t sufficient initially. Actions were required—actions that included telling her I loved her as well as showing her in various ways. We went on dates, I bought her presents, and I showed her affectionate acts. I tried not to get angry with her. 

If I offended her, I apologized. Though she loved me from the beginning, she didn’t completely trust me. Through actions and words that proved my love for her, I also proved she could trust me—a necessary ingredient in any lasting relationship. By the time we married, she trusted and loved me completely. But marriage didn’t stop the need to prove my love. I continue to say and do things that let her know I love her. 

As Peter preached to the crowd on the Day of Pentecost, he reminded them how God had proven that Jesus was the Messiah of the world. God allowed Him to perform miracles and other wonders that no ordinary human being could do. During His short three-year ministry, Jesus continually did things that proved His identity and His love for humanity. 

While I am saved by God’s grace and through my faith in Him, I must prove my faith to others. Proof doesn’t come through an arrogant attitude. Parading around as if I’m better than those who don’t follow Jesus Christ proves nothing. The light I shine shouldn’t say, “I’m better than you.” Such an attitude isn’t attractive, nor does it draw anyone to Christ.

Good works prove my faith. Because I have the love of Christ in my heart, I desire to share that with others through various means. The ways I can show good works are myriad. God will give me opportunities as well as the wisdom to respond to them if I only ask. 

Consistency is also crucial where good works are concerned. A spurt of love every now and again won’t suffice. God expects me to do godly things for others on a regular basis. He also expects love to be the motivating factor behind those good works, not a guilty conscience or any other undesirable characteristic. 

How are you proving your faith to others?

Prayer: Father, we ask for opportunities to show others the love You have shown us as well as the love You have for them. 

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