Monday, November 7, 2016

Engaging God’s Plan - Martin Wiles

But you followed God’s prearranged plan. With the help of lawless Gentiles, you nailed him to the cross and murdered him. Acts 2:23 NLT

He had a plan, and the plan has produced marvelous results.

Five years ago, the school where I’m employed hired a new headmaster. Attendance had languished, and it was time to do something or watch attendance fade. The new headmaster had a plan. Over the last four years, attendance has increased. Technology has been introduced, putting our school on the cutting edge. New sports have been initiated, along with elective classes. A new attitude of excitement permeates the corridors.  

Having a plan is essential in anything we do. Peter reminded one crowd that God had a plan. They didn’t understand it. They couldn’t imagine pagan Gentiles being a part of it or that it included a Messiah who would allow Himself to be beaten beyond recognition, ridiculed without responding, and crucified without fighting back. 

As God had a plan for Jesus, so He does for every person. My starting point in engaging God’s plan involves believing He has one. I’m not an accident—a person He didn’t see coming. He knew me before I was born, created me in my mother’s womb, and mapped out my life’s course. 

Once I believe God has a plan, I must put forth effort to discover it and then submit to it. God won’t force His plan on me but will willingly give me the strength to pursue and accomplish it when I make the effort. 

Recognizing it is God’s plan is important. I’m the one it’s happening to, but it’s God’s plan. Trusting Him for the power to see it through is crucial. Otherwise, it will become my plan, and I’ll make a mess of it every time. 

Opposition should be expected. Most of the Jews opposed God’s plan and demonstrated their opposition through unbelief in Jesus and by eventually convincing the Roman authorities to crucify Him. Satan’s never pleased when I follow God’s plan. 

The good news is that we can expect success when we engage God’s plan. The success might look different than we imagine, but then again God’s success often does. His success probably won’t result in wealth or worldwide fame, but it will be the type of success He’ll honor. 

Are you engaging God’s plan or coming up with one of Your own?

Prayer: Father, give us the foresight to see Your plan and then the faith to follow it.

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