Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Feeling Forsaken - Martin Wiles

My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me? Psalm 22:1 NLT

Feeling forsaken can make it appear that life’s caving in. 

I’ve always thought that of all people who should stand shoulder to shoulder in tough times, it should be family. Recently, a particular family member had the means to help my wife and me through a difficult financial period but chose not to. I felt forsaken…actually angry. 

Examples of feeling forsaken are rife. Thousands of children feel forsaken by parents who have abandoned them. Perhaps they couldn’t afford to raise them; perhaps they didn’t want to. Forsaken spouses join their multitude. Spouses have walked out on them for someone else, because they don’t love them anymore, or just because they are tired of being married. Even friends sometimes forsake friends. And there’s just something about tragedies that leaves us feeling forsaken too.

The psalmist doesn’t give the reason he’s feeling forsaken. Perhaps he was just writing Hebrew poetry he knew people could identify with for thousands of years to come. I have a feeling though that someone had actually forsaken him or some difficulty had assaulted him and because of it he imagined God had also. 

When hard times strike, it’s easy to think God has abandoned us. When others forsake us, it’s easy to transfer our feelings of abandonment to God as well.

Staking our faith on what the Bible teaches is essential when we feel forsaken, and the Bible says God will never leave us. Others might, but He won’t. Regardless of how I might treat Him, He’ll never leave. He’s the only friend I can find who I can say that about with confidence. 

When I’m feeling forsaken, I remember how easy it is to confuse feelings with reality. Feelings change often within the same day and even the same minute. How I feel may or may not reflect reality. If I feel forsaken by God, my feelings are never mimicking reality. God is forever by my side to comfort, guide, and instruct me. When others walk out, He stands nearby. 

In those times when I feel forsaken by others—and particularly God, I must depend on my faith, not my feelings. My relationship with God is built on truths…realities, not feelings. Walking by faith helps me experience His presence even when I don’t feel it. 

When you’re feeling forsaken, remember God will never abandon you.

Prayer: Father, we thank You that we can always depend on You to remain by our side in the good and the bad times. 

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