Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Throwback Tuesday - Martin Wiles

Doubting God

I’m a logical kind of a fella who likes proof. If I can’t sniff it, grab it, glare at it, hear it or chew it, I have trouble believing it exists. A skeptical skeptic.

If someone proposes, “God created the earth out of nothing,” I’m tempted to ask for scientific proof. A repeat of the original act. If you’re healed of a terminal disease and claim God answered your prayer, I’m tempted to retort, “How do you know God did it? Doesn’t the body have power to heal itself?” Read more...

Mercy Roller knows her name is a lie: there has never been any mercy in her young life. Raised by a twisted and abusive father who called himself the Pastor, she was abandoned by the church community that should have stood together to protect her from his evil. Click here to order. 

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