Thursday, June 16, 2016

Prayer Works - Martin Wiles

For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And the door is opened to everyone who knocks. Luke 11:10 NLT

A Roman emperor rode in his elegant chariot through a town parade. Legionnaires hovered nearby, deterring anyone who might try to approach the dignified ruler. 

As the emperor approached the place where his family was seated, a young boy broke from the crowd and lurched for the emperor’s chariot. He was quickly grabbed by a guard who said to him, “You cannot go out there, boy. Do you know who is in that chariot? That is the emperor. You cannot go near him.” 

Struggling for freedom for the legionnaires grasp, the young lad laughed and remarked, “He may be your emperor, but he’s my father.” Then he continued his 
run into his father’s arms. 

Jesus tells of a friend who went to another friend’s house at midnight. A friend of his had just arrived for a visit, and he had nothing to feed him. The friend who was asleep had no intention of getting up. He had locked the door and brought the animals inside. His family was snuggled in for the night. The friend’s persistence persuaded him to get up. 

The story isn’t about friends but prayer. God doesn’t have to be begged to answer our requests, but He does reward our persistence. My continual prayers demonstrate my faith and that I’m convinced what I’m praying about is within His will and power to answer. God knows when I’m serious about something. He wants me to know as well. 

God isn’t like the friend who didn’t want to get up to give his friend food. He loves to answer our prayers. He knows doing so demonstrates His love as well as increases our love and trust of Him. He has good things in store for us; all we must do is keep asking, seeking, and knocking. 

When God chooses not to answer immediately, we have to trust He knows what’s best. Perhaps the timing is not right, or we’re not ready for what His answer would be. If He says, “No,” it’s because He knows something we don’t. He knows what’s best for us just as parents often know what’s best for their children. 

Though we may not understand how prayer works, millions of believers can testify it does. Why not try it regularly? 

Prayer: Father, thank You for allowing us the privilege of coming before Your throne with the assurance of Your love, interest, and power to answer. 

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