Thursday, May 5, 2016

Positioned for Security - Martin Wiles

You fool! You will die this very night. Then who will get it all? Luke 12:20 NLT

Like everyone else, I’ve looked for it all my life. 

Along with significance and self-worth, security is one of life’s basic needs. To be loved unconditionally. I needed to know my parents would in spite of my mistakes and less than perfect body. When I became an adult, I still sought it. Burglar alarms, firearms, money in retirement programs, participation in Social Security. I even married and had children, thinking that would carry on my family line. Searching for a job that provided enough to live on with a little to spare didn’t hurt either. 

Along the way, I discovered there were some things that wouldn’t provide the security I hoped for. The rich fool found out the same thing. His time was given to his livelihood. When his barns overflowed, he reared back and planned to enjoy life for many years to come. Until God reminded him his life was on loan and He was about to call for full payment.

Wealth won’t position me for security. I’ve never been close to being wealthy, but there have been times when I was comfortable. I discovered how uncertain that was when the situation that made me comfortable disintegrated overnight. Suddenly I wasn’t taking it easy anymore. Neither did the rich fool. The life God loaned him ended before he knew it. 

Nor will health position me for security. I’ve always enjoyed good health, but that too can change quickly. And it did. A few months after pastoring my first church, I found myself in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer—a health condition it took me a year to overcome. The rich fool was obviously healthy since he thought he had many years to enjoy his wealth. 

Even relationships can’t position me for security—though I often look there as well. What appears stable and permanent can readily become unstable and changing. I’ve watched that happen too—with a spouse, children, and friends. 

The only thing that positions me for security is my faith connection with Jesus Christ. Nothing else will last and nothing else will provide the peace and comfort He does. 

If you’re looking for security, look no farther than a daily walk with Christ. 

Prayer: Father, thank You for providing the security we need through our relationship with You. 

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