Thursday, April 14, 2016

What’s in a Word? Part 1 - Martin Wiles

Just say a simple, “Yes, I will,” or “No, I won’t.” Matthew 5:37 NLT

My word wasn’t enough; there had to be more. 

My wife and I walked onto the used car parking lot, intent on purchasing a dependable vehicle. After deciding on the one we wanted and could afford, we sat down in the salesman’s office to discuss price, trade-in value, and monthly payment. Following our agreement, I shook his hand, promised to pay the payment on the 15th of each month, took the keys he handed me, and left in our new-to-us car. 

Well…not exactly. I had to sign mounds of paperwork before he handed me the keys and I was able to leave the lot. He may have taken my word, but the company giving me the loan wouldn’t. Humanity’s propensity to deceive made it necessary for me to sign numerous legal and binding forms. 

Jesus states the ideal. Even though society makes me prop up my word with forms, my word should be enough. I shouldn’t have to guarantee its truth. 

Words communicate—effectively or poorly. Pemineos whaxas pit jod pizzaxa um pit spociaxar cluch actually means a pizza company has a new pizza they want me to try, but I’d never know it by the words. When my words are communicated poorly, gibberish results and no one is the better for having heard them. God’s love and Word need clear and concise communication. 

Words are necessary. At least in most cases. A world filled with only pictures—unless I’ve had prior experience with what the pictures represent, would mean nothing to me. Sharing God’s love requires using words others can understand. 

Words can be plenty or few. Numerous Bible verses remind me it’s better to be a person of few words. Every time I talk too much, I say something I shouldn’t say. Sin seems to find its way onto the tongue of the blabbermouth’s mouth. 

Words reflect listening skills. If I’m talking all the time, I can’t be listening as well. To listen, I have to be quiet and focus on the person speaking. And after all, that’s what most people who are hurting want from me: a listening ear, not a mouth that runs off and over. 

What’s in the words you speak?

Prayer: Father, may the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight. 

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