Monday, March 14, 2016

Hating the Holy - Martin Wiles

Don’t give pearls to swine! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you. Matthew 7:6 NLT

As far as he knew, he was the only Christian in his office.

John was fresh out of college and had just taken a promising job offer in his hometown. Not ashamed that he was a believer, he quickly decorated his small cubicle with Christian d├ęcor. Imagine his surprise when his boss approached him and told him to remove it. The excitement over his new opportunity soon digressed as the antagonism against him progressed. The actions and words of his co-workers demonstrated they hated the holy. He’d stay though and continue casting pearls before them.

I’ve owned a few hogs in my lifetime. They are avid eaters and care for nothing except food and slop to eat, dirt to root in, and a mud hole to wallow in. Had I thrown anything of value in the pen along with their food, they would have trampled it. Trying to give them what they didn’t care about would have been a complete waste of my time. 

Jesus wasn’t actually giving a command to pig farmers. Nor was he teaching we shouldn’t witness to those who are unreceptive. He was warning about what to expect when we toss the gospel to those who aren’t interested. To those content with their wickedness. 

Selfishness and contentment with filth is in a hog’s nature. But there is good in the hog when the filth is washed away. Everything, in fact, except the squeal. 
Changing a hog’s nature is almost impossible. Changing mine is impossible. 

Like the hog, I’m quite content to wallow in the filth of the world. I, too, have cast pearls before a number of people who had no interest. God, however, has the power to give me and anyone else a new nature. A nature that will love pearls and all things holy. A nature that will drive me toward obedience to His commands rather than mud. 

Wisdom is necessary to know where to cast my pearls. While everyone needs to hear the gospel, allowing God to guide me helps me cast it where it will reap the most results. 

If God has changed your hate for the holy, cast that pearl before others.

Prayer: Father, give us wisdom to cast the pearl of the gospel where it will garner the most fruit.

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