Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dog Determination - Martin Wiles

Anyone who listens to my teaching and obeys me is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. Matthew 7:24 NLT

He was an ornery little cuss that, with the exception of one person, liked no one other than people in our immediate family. 

Gypsy was a Chihuahua Manchester mix. Along with his ill nature came determination. When my middle brother was ready to leave the crawling stage and pull up to walk, Gypsy was the item he chose to pull up on. Gypsy’s stomach sank in the middle as the weight of my brother pressed upon his back. 

Sometimes his stomach would almost reach the floor, but he would never move until my brother was erect. Then he would scoot away, leaving my brother with a decision: walk or sit. He chose to walk. Gypsy was a foundation that at times seemed almost ready to crumble, but he never did. When my brother realized the dog was reliable, he came back for more and eventually learned to walk. 

According to Jesus, he—like Gypsy, is the foundation I need to depend upon. When I obey his commands, I build on this foundation and that makes me like a man who builds a house on a solid rock foundation. When the storms assault it, it will remain standing. Unlike the person who chose to build their house on sands that would easily wash away under heaven rains. 

Obeying Jesus’ commands doesn’t just happen. It takes determination. As my brother had to rely on our dog to walk, and as the dog had to be determined to stand there while he pressed on him, so I must rely on Jesus’ power to obey. Otherwise I’ll crumble like the house the man built on sand. 

I normally accomplish what I’m determined to do. When I’m determined, I’ll put my all into doing whatever I’m determined about. Above all else, it should be obedience to God’s commands. The secret is reliance on His indwelling Spirit. Not only is he my comforter, teacher, and guide, but he is also my source of strength. By his power, I can obey. By his power, I can continually build my life on the solid foundation of faith in Christ. 

Are you dog determined to obey God’s commands? Don’t let obedience merely be a matter of convenience. 

Prayer: Father, help us make our life’s goal to live in complete obedience to You. 

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