Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Throwback Tuesday - Martin Wiles

Worthy Commitments: Be Pure

I knew I shouldn’t be there. Mom and Dad taught me better, but at the moment I was in teenage rebellious mode.

Some look back at their teenage years with pride and nostalgia; I look back with regret and shame. Regret that I failed to learn, that I skipped school every chance I had and that I daydreamed when I went. And shame over the poor decisions I made about other activities.

Drive-ins were popular in the 1970s-especially those showing X-rated movies. After all, America was in the middle of a sexual revolution. Even though I wasn’t of age, I agreed to go with some buddies who weren’t of age either. What I saw I enjoyed then but regretted later. The vulgar images embossed my young mind, and thirty-six years later I can still see them if I try. Read more...

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