Thursday, November 26, 2015

Good in Every Way - Martin Wiles

Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good! Genesis 1:31 NLT

I grew up in a family where Dad beat structures regularly. 

Theaters were places where curse words were said or sexual scenes displayed. They must be avoided. Not until much later in life did he learn to appreciate the art structure. Politics was enmeshed by crooked individuals who were always looking out for special interests groups—many of whom disagreed with his beliefs. Perhaps he forgot government was established by God. Playing cards and dancing were forbidden. I suppose he overlooked the scripture where David danced before the Lord. Sunday was the Sabbath and sacred. Mom could cook, but no buying groceries, working in the yard, or washing clothes. I guess he didn’t see the place where Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man. 

When God looked over the structure of his original creation, he pronounced it good. This would have to include everything that would eventually develop from the original structure: government, the arts, competitive events, theater, technology, electronic games, education. 

Dad tended to throw out the baby with the bathwater rather than just letting the dirty water out so clean water could be put in. He wasn’t the only Christian who is guilty of polarization—the either or scenario. 

If I coach a softball team that is suffering from one player’s bad attitude, I don’t dissolve the team. I work on its direction by working on the one player. If the government leaders of my particular country, state, or town are corrupt, I don’t advocate dissolution of government. I work to change the present one. If my child’s school is getting poor reviews, I shouldn’t bash education. I should work to better it. 

Most structures that have developed out of God’s original structure are inherently good. Sin is the problem and the reason structures head in the wrong direction. Rather than trying to do away with or completely re-create what God has already created, I must work to enhance his structures by being salt and light in my world. 

What can you do to influence the direction of structures sin has damaged?

Prayer: Father, thank You for Your good creation. Show us how we can work to purify what sin has tainted. 

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