Thursday, October 8, 2015

When the Wine Runs Out - Martin Wiles

The wine supply ran out during the festivities, so Jesus’ mother told him, “They have no more wine.” John 2:3 NLT

Problems appeared insurmountable when I was a child…but solutions easily attainable.

With tears streaming down my cheek, I offered my broken sucker to Mom. “Fix it,” was all I could manage to get out. And she did. Opening the canister on the counter, she replaced my broken sucker with one that had no cracks. Or if I had accidentally broken a piece off one of my Matchbox cars, I would take it to Dad. With a little super glue, he could make it as good as new. 

I do the same for my grandson. Whenever he says, “Broke Papa,” I fix it. In his eyes, Pop can fix anything. Of course, as I got older, the problems were more serious and not as easily solved. They won’t be with my grandson either. 

Jesus’ mother came to him with a serious problem. Wedding celebrations were magnificent occasions. Running out of wine was a major faux pa. Perhaps Mary was helping with the wedding. She knew her son possessed the power to fix broken situations. Initially, it didn’t appear he was interested in helping, but in the end he did. 

My wine has run out quite a few times since I was a child. The older I was, the larger the lack of wine appeared. No longer was it a broken sucker; now it was a broken heart. Glue may have put the car back together, but it couldn’t undo poor decisions I’d made. When the wine ran out, it was easy to substitute its absence with loneliness, depression, or unhealthy habits. 

Mary’s solution to the empty glasses was more appropriate, and it’s one I’m learning to replace the others with. She took the issue to the One who had unlimited power. The One who could intervene and truly fix something…not patch it. And he did by turning several stone pots of hand washing water into the best wine available. Amazing what Jesus can do with empty glasses when I get out of the way and let him accomplish his purpose and plan. 

When the wine runs out, don’t settle for lesser solutions. Let God provide the best answers to your dilemmas. 

Prayer: Father, we thank You for re-filling our glasses when the wine runs out. 

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