Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quiet in Turmoil - Martin Wiles

For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. Zephaniah 3:17 NLT

Technology is great until it stops working.

My mornings run on a tight schedule. Up at 5 am, on the computer and writing by 5:15. At least, that’s the way I plan it. Recently, my computer had other plans. I didn’t see the low battery warning, so in the middle of writing a blank screen appeared. 

Startups with an older operating system take time. When I restarted and opened the document, what I had written had disappeared. Then updates began installing, and I had to restart again. By this time, I had decided it was time to dump my favorite writing computer. 

My wife happened to have a new model she rarely uses. We decided to switch. Then came the task of saving all my documents to a thumb drive and then transferring them to her computer. Somehow I managed to maintain a quiet spirit through it all—a major improvement from how I would have behaved in my younger years.

In the entire scope of worldwide things causing turmoil, a malfunctioning computer and an interrupted morning seems insignificant—and probably is. Yet this could have led to turmoil in my spirit.

Zephaniah’s time period was tumultuous. The ancient Babylonians were bearing down on Judah. The end wouldn’t be pretty. Turmoil would reign, but he assured them God would bring quiet in the midst of the rampage if they trusted. 

Turmoil comes in various shades. I’ve faced it in broken relationships I thought would never end, financial upheavals that seemed to languish eternally, and health issues which didn’t look as if they’d go away.

Through them all—when I responded with trust, God gave me peace in the midst of what could have caused turmoil. I expect him to do the same for whatever is in my future. When I place my source of turmoil in his hands, I acknowledge his control over the situation. Trusting him regardless of my emotions or understanding is what leads to quietness of spirit. 

Trust what’s causing you despair to God’s control.

Prayer: Father, we trust You for peace when times are troubled.

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