Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Feeling Forgotten - Martin Wiles

A poor, wise man knew how to save the town, and so it was rescued. But afterward no one thought to thank him. Ecclesiastes 9:15 NLT

I had languished in his office for an hour. What more did he want? 

He was a small town physician who I’d been seeing since I moved to my new residence to pastor my first church. We hit it off immediately. Many times—after my examination, he merely sat in the office and talked a few minutes. 

This day was different. Even though the sign in the waiting room said I shouldn’t have to wait longer than 30 minutes, I waited an hour. He was busy. I finally made it back to the room where the nurse took my vitals and said, “The doctor will be in soon.” 

One hour later, I peaked my head out the door, flagged a nurse down, and said, “Did ya’ll forget about me?” Sure enough, they had. After two hours of waiting, all I got was, “Oh, we’re sorry.”

The poor wise man knew how it felt to be forgotten too. His poverty hadn’t affected his wisdom. His town was in danger. He offered his solution to the officials who took his advice. The town was saved…but he was forgotten. 

Feeling forgotten isn’t fun. It quickly raises the anger emotion. How could you possibly forget about ME? I’m important. I’m a…. Don’t you remember the…I gave? My parents were…. I attended…. Or it can lead me to the depression mood. I’m not worth anything anyway.  

When my pride is assaulted and my anger aroused by someone forgetting me, it reminds me the world doesn’t revolve around me. This is God’s world. I’m only important because of my connection with him. Anything I accomplish is because he gives me wisdom and strength to do so. 

My light shines so others will see my good works and glorify God, not me. Though others may forget and neglect me, God never will. He never overlooks his treasured creations…the masterpieces he is still working on. 

If you are feeling forgotten, remember God is always by your side.

Prayer: Father, when all others forget us, we give thanks that You never do or will. 

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