Thursday, September 3, 2015

Equipped for Service - Martin Wiles

And now, may the God of peace, who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, equip you with all you need for doing his will. Hebrews 13:20 NLT

If I was going to do it and enjoy it, I would have to purchase the right equipment. 

Having the necessary equipment is essential for success and enjoyment when backpacking. A cumbersome, heavy pack weighs on the back and steals my enjoyment. Packing a good backpack with unnecessary items will do the same.

Waterproof tents are crucial. I’ve spent nights enduring storms in ones that weren’t. A good pair of shoes or boots is also a must. If they’re too heavy, too lose or too tight, blisters will appear. Cold food isn’t tantalizing, so a light stove is also a nice companion. 

If I’m backpacking in the winter, I’ll need a sleeping bag with a low temperature rating. Otherwise, I’m going to get hypothermia or just spend an uncomfortable night sleeping in every pair of clothes I have. An endurable rain coat is another must. I’ve hiked in the rain in cheap ones that leaked and funneled water against my body. 
This first century writer wanted his brothers and sisters in Christ to be equipped to serve God. He knew God would equip them; he just hoped they’d see the need of putting on the gear he offered. 

Praying this prayer for myself and other believers is still a good idea 20 centuries later. If I attempt to do God’s work in my own strength, I’ll fail miserably—or either do it with the wrong motives and receive human rather than divine recognition. 

When young David tried to wear the king’s armor to fight the giant Goliath, he discovered immediately it wasn’t the right equipment. God provides the equipment—salvation, forgiveness, a desire to share his love, faith, truth—all I must do is put it on. 

Perhaps a better prayer is that I’ll see the need of wearing God’s equipment as I work in his Kingdom? Do you?

Prayer: Father, we trust You to equip us for whatever You direct us to do. 

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