Saturday, July 4, 2015

Living Without Guilt - Martin Wiles

If they could have provided perfect cleansing, the sacrifices would have stopped…and their feelings of guilt would have disappeared. Hebrews 10:2 NLT

He was a church leader. How could he have done what he did? 

Henry grew up in a Christian family and trusted Christ as his Savior when he was ten years old. After graduating high school, he remained in his small town, took a job at a local factory, and married his high school sweetheart. People in his church encouraged him to use his gifts, but there was one thing that held him back. Henry had a dark secret no one knew about—not even his wife. 

As a teenager, he had begun to delve into pornography. Before he knew it, he was addicted. He had confessed it and got on with his life, but the guilt still ate at his soul. He simply couldn’t believe God could forgive him. Henry’s guilt led him to turn down every opportunity he was given to use his spiritual gifts.  

Under the Old Covenant, sacrifices were unending. Every time a worshiper offered an animal, they were reminded of their sins. The ceremony only temporarily pacified their guilt, but it soon returned. They knew an animal’s blood could never permanently cover their sin. 

Satan’s tried the same trick on me as he did Henry. As a saved but rebellious teenager, I have many things in my memory I’m ashamed of. Quite often he’s tried to convince me those sins disqualify me from being effective in God’s work. Only by understanding God’s forgiveness and the types of guilt was I able to thwart his subtle tactics. 

False guilt makes me feel miserable over something I’ve already confessed to God. Satan is the source. God only sends the guilt when I need to confess. Additionally, God’s forgiveness takes care of all my sins. I no longer have to feel guilty over what he’s forgiven. 

Living with false quilt will stymie me as it did Henry. Understanding forgiveness frees me to be all God designed me to be and do. 

Let God remove any false guilt you may be experiencing so you can live an abundant life. 

Father: Thank You for allowing us to serve You with a guilt free conscience. 


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