Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Body Parts Needed - Martin Wiles

But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be I Corinthians 12:18.

Sure I could live without it, but if it’s unnecessary, why did God put it in me?

I was having some symptoms I’d never experienced and I was a little concerned. My stomach was swelling and aching and I often woke in the middle of the night nauseated. I’d had stomach issues since I was a teenager, so initially I assumed it was related to my ulcerous stomach. But the swelling and nausea were troubling. 

My wife insisted I see a digestive disease doctor. When blood tests showed my liver levels were out of kilter-and after a frightening doctor talk, I had an ultrasound followed by a nuclear test. The culprit: my gall bladder-which was soon surgically removed. 

I’ve known many people who don’t have a gallbladder. While unnecessary for life, there can be complications. Some things don’t digest well which leads to sudden bathroom trips-often at inopportune times. Gallbladders-and all other parts of our body, have purpose. 

The human body is a marvel but only when each part functions as God designed. When one part malfunctions, the entire body is normally affected in some way. The worldwide body of believers is similar. You may know some Christians who seem insignificant-you might even think you’re one, but there aren’t any. God has a plan and place for each of us. 

When we function as he created us to, his love permeates the world through us resulting in a better existence for everyone. 

Are you fulfilling God’s purpose for your life? Find your place. 

Prayer: Father, show us where we fit in the body and empower us to do our part.
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