Monday, March 23, 2015

Powered to Serve - Martin Wiles

Those who believed what Peter said were baptized and added to the church that day—about 3,000 in all. Acts 2:41 NLT

Power can be addictive. Our culture seems to be enamored with power. I don’t want just any computer. I want a powerful one that will start up quickly and do the tasks I desire with lightning speed. No dial up or slow internet connection either. When I click, I want immediate action. And my cell phone can’t be an outdated version from several years ago. I must have the most up-to-date version with all the bells and whistles that performs functions quickly. We crave power…I crave power. 

On the seashore, God had re-commissioned Peter—taken away his discouragement and replaced it with confidence. Seven weeks after Jesus’ resurrection, the church was born on the Day of Pentecost. Peter and the other apostles were filled with the Spirit and began speaking the gospel in other languages. When questioned, Peter delivered a power filled message on behalf of the other apostles. Three thousand people believed. 

Peter’s success depended solely on the power of God’s Spirit residing in him. Pentecost saw the coming of the Spirit in a fresh way. The same Spirit Peter possessed is given to all believers. God’s might is unlimited, and God’s power in me is limitless as well. It saved 3,000 people after Peter preached. When I depend on his energy in my life, there is nothing I can’t accomplish when it fits his will and plan. Obedience unleashes the muscle of God. 

When filled with God’s Spirit, I can operate with boldness. Like Peter, I can speak the truth even in the face of opposition…the truth that will set people free from sin’s slavery…the truth that is often unpopular. Yet, as I experience God working in my life, I must be careful not to give pride a stronghold. Peter was incredibly familiar with the trait—an attribute the Bible warns against frequently. Anything that results from my work for God is because of his power in me. 

Are you tapping into your serving power?

Prayer: Almighty God, thank You for giving us the power of Your Spirit so we might do Your work successfully. 


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