Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Security in Christ - Martin Wiles

For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. Colossians 2:9 NLT

What appears secure sometimes isn’t. Money in banks may have appeared secure prior to 1933, but a bank panic could easily close a bank. People who feared a bank might close ran to the bank and withdrew their money. Since banks kept only a portion of the depositor’s money on hand, runs would result in depositors attempting to withdraw more money than a bank had on hand. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was established in 1933 to prevent such future losses. The FDIC has the responsibility of insuring a commercial bank’s deposits up to a certain amount so depositors don’t lose their money should the bank fail. Even though banks still fail, the FDIC ensures depositors won’t lose their money.

As the FDIC provides security for depositors, Christ does for believers. My security in Christ involves eternal security. He has prepared a place with enough room for me and everyone else who chooses to follow him. A place where sin and all its evil effects are removed forever. A place of beauty, peace, and rest. 

I also have spiritual security in Christ. What he has given me—salvation and forgiveness, cannot be stolen nor will he ever take it from me. Jesus said no one could snatch any of his followers from his loving grip. I might lose everything I have, but I can never lose Christ.

Additionally, Jesus gives me emotional peace. Knowing all my sins have been paid for and forgiven—and knowing I no longer stand condemned, gives a sense of peace not obtainable anywhere else. 

Furthermore, I enjoy God’s strength for the trials of life. He controls them. They only come with his permission, and they can only hang around as long as he permits. Their intensity is also under his authority. 

Are you enjoying security in Christ?

Prayer: Father, we humbly thank You for the total security we have through a relationship with Your Son. 


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