Saturday, January 10, 2015

Filling the Void - Martin Wiles

“Please, sir,” the woman said, “give me this water! Then I’ll never be thirsty again.” John 4:15 NLT 

He left us suddenly on August 11, 2014. Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors. I suppose my first acquaintance with him was on the television show Mork and Mindy. His comedic abilities were transfixing and delightful. I often wondered if he had a script or just made up his jokes and comments on the fly. Smiles always decorated his face. In his movie, Good Morning Vietnam, he was able to bring a smile to those downtrodden over an unpopular war. But apparently Williams’ smiles covered a deep seated void. At some point, his void fillers failed him, and he decided to take his life. 

Void fillers can disappoint us. They did the Samaritan woman. As she came to the well to draw her daily fill of water, she met Jesus. He chose to travel through an area most of his counterparts avoided. When he told her about water that would quench her thirst indefinitely, she wanted some. Jesus’ water was himself.

For the Samaritan woman, her void filler was unhealthy and immoral relationships. I, too, can be guilty of associating with those who drag me down emotionally and spiritually. Bad company can corrupt good standards, and co-dependency can easily develop if I’m not careful. 

There have been occasions when I’ve used addictions to fill a void. Instead of trusting Christ for satisfaction, I found comfort in substances. Busyness is another void-filler that while innocent enough in the beginning can quickly turn deadly. For pure or unhealthy reasons, I can fill up every moment of my day so I have little or no time for God, myself, or others. 

Healthy void fillers always have a spiritual component. Pursuing a deeper relationship with God through prayer, meditation, Bible study, small group involvement, corporate fellowship with like minded believers, and by using my spiritual gifts are better ways to close the gaps I sometimes feel. 

Only through a healthy relationship with Christ can our spiritual and emotional voids be filled. 

Prayer: We claim You, merciful Savior, as the only water that will presently and eternally satisfy our spiritual thirst. 


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